Our Story

Australian-Made Office Furniture
– Engineered with 3 Generations of Family Expertise

As a third generation family business, ‘service’ is not only ingrained in our procedures and practices but instilled in all of our people. Our firm is big enough to handle the large fitout orders, but not so big that we no longer take a personal interest in each client.

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance” – we cleaned that military adage up a little but it amounts to this: our business is founded on the repeat sales, goodwill and respect which flow as a natural consequence of the quality of our work and the preparation we put in to ensure that what we promise is delivered on time and to budget.

Everything we do is driven by a set  of guiding principles

  • We deliver value for money at all times and we never overcharge
  • We have never missed a deadline and don’t intend to
  • When the inevitable problems surface, we just sort them
  • We communicate regularly through all stages of the project milestones
  • We take responsibility for all the steps required to enable staff to start working at the workstations
  • We don’t walk away from a project until you deem it defect-free

For Zip Money, we completed their workstation installation on the 20th December (one week before Christmas, with a number of trades working to the 23rd December). Fully functional workstations were due by 2 pm 24th December. Joel & Matt (OfficePace PM) spent the day onsite to make sure that everything was in mint condition.

“ We provide a 20 year warranty on all non-moving workstation parts and a 10 year warranty on all electronics and motors on the workstations ”

We don't 'over engineer'

We don’t ‘over engineer’

For our clients, budget constraints always weigh heavily with decisions. OfficePace controls the manufacturing process and adapts pragmatically to workspace situations that might otherwise incur unnecessary costs. As a family, we know what is physically possible because we have inherited the engineering skills our grandfather handed down – teaching us to value engineer without sacrificing quality or design intent.

We customise every project with 'real world' prototypes

We customise every project with ‘real world’ prototypes

We completely customise every project. Our prototypes allow clients and key staff to see, touch and feel the products and customise them before decisions are made. When you deal with us, expect individualised configurations and sizing and an array of fabric swatches, laminate and other surface finish choices specified by your designer. With us the bottom line never comes first in the production process. No workstation is generic, no questions have gone unanswered – and nothing is limited except the imagination! BETTER YET, we incur the cost of building and installing your custom prototype.

Yes, it’s all proudly Australian Made!

Yes, it’s all proudly Australian Made!

OfficePace is Australian owned, and we are strong advocates for the Australian manufacturing sector. All of our products are manufactured by Australians in Australia, because to us, commercially it makes sense. We and our clients enjoy shorter lead times, flexibility in production, and the ability to deliver bespoke prototypes within one (1) week. We will on occasion use minor overseas components to compliment the final pieces if they cant be sourced here. At no stage does this impact the warranty.

Warranties:<br />
in plain language

in plain language

We provide a comprehensive 10 year warranty on all electronics and mechanisms attached to workstations. We also provide a 20 year warranty on all non-moving workstation parts. In the event of a Warranty issue we don’t hide behind legal spin, so-called grey areas or excuses. Our staff are ‘stand ready’ to resolve – not obfuscate, confuse or annoy.